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If you attempt to purchase goods though our Internet service with an invalid, stolen, generated or other fraudulent credit card, the details of the transaction along with your information will be turned over to the police and to the Credit Card Fraud Investigation unit of our bank. They in turn will launch an investigation that will lead to your prosecution.

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Privacy Policy

Hounds HQ understands that you care how your personal information is used and shared. Hounds HQ is obliged to comply with the requirements of the Federal Government’s National Privacy Policy, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”). This document comprises our Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy incorporates information on how Hounds HQ collects, uses, discloses and keeps secure your personal information.


  1. Collection of Personal Information

1.1 The information collected by Hounds HQ from you assists us in personalising and improving the shopping experience for our customers. Such information is utilised primarily to ensure supply of goods to you the customer. Such information includes:

 1.1.1 Name and address for delivery purposes;
 1.1.2 Day phone number;
 1.1.3 Email address;
 1.1.4 Product preferences;
 1.1.5 Information regarding promotions and other service of Hounds HQ;
 1.1.6 Information pertaining to membership or Wishlist components.

1.2 Information regarding your use of the  Hounds HQ website may also be obtained through the use of ‘cookies’.

1.3  Hounds HQ will not collect sensitive information without your consent, unless it is necessary for such information to be collected for an activity or function, and will not collect any such information in a secret or dishonest way.

  1. Use of Personal Information

2.1 The primary use of personal information is for the purposes listed under the heading, Collection of Personal Information, above. However, we will use and disclose your personal information for the approved purposes and in a variety of ways associated with the approved purposes, including the following:

 2.1.1 To assist in the development of information technology, systems maintenance and development;
 2.1.2 To assist in the development of information technology requirements, systems maintenance and developmental issues;
 2.1.3 To analyse information for product development, marketing and research purposes and to improve and extend our range of services;
 2.1.4 To investigate and resolve complaints concerning the provision of services by us or others associated to us;
 2.1.5 Marketing directly to you in accordance with the National Privacy Principals;
 2.1.6 Disclosure of your personal information to any other organisation or person involved in carrying out any necessary function or activity on our behalf, including complaints handling and fraud prevention, whether within Australia or overseas;
 2.1.7 Disclosure of your personal information in a manner authorised or required by law;
 2.1.8 For any unrelated secondary purpose to which you consent;
 2.1.9 For compliance with any legislative and regulatory provisions

2.2 Moreover, we shall not utilise personal information without taking reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate, complete and up to date.

  1. Disclosure of Personal Information

3.1  Hounds HQ may use and disclose your personal information for approved purposes and in a variety of ways associated with approved purposes. This includes the following:

 3.1.1  Hounds HQ may disclose personal information to related or unrelated third parties if consent has been obtained from you.
 3.1.2  Hounds HQ may disclose personal information between related body corporates. In circumstances where information is disclosed to related body corporate’s, they are bound by the original primary purpose for which the information was collected.
 3.1.3  Hounds HQ may disclose personal information to unrelated third parties to enable outsourcing of functions for purposes including, but not limited to billing, customer relations management and order fulfilment. This will be done when such disclosure is within your reasonable expectations.
 3.1.4  Hounds HQ will take reasonable steps to ensure that its contracts with third parties include requirements for third parties to comply with the Use and Disclosure requirements of the Privacy Act, and in accordance with the Hounds HQ Privacy Policy.
 3.1.5  Hounds HQ may disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, Courts or external advisors where permitted or required by law.
 3.1.6  Hounds HQ may disclose personal information to avoid an imminent threat to a person’s life or to public safety.
 3.1.7 If disclosure is not for a primary purpose, then it is for a related secondary purpose. If disclosure has not been obtained, then Hounds HQ will not disclose your personal information, unless for the reasons documented at 3.1.1 to 3.1.6 above.
 3.1.8  Hounds HQ does not generally sell or share its customer lists on a commercial basis with third parties, but in the event that we did, it would be done only if the appropriate consent of the individuals have been obtained. In this circumstance,  Hounds HQ will take steps to ensure that the use of its customer list by the third party does not exceed the scope of the content.

  1. Security and Quality of your Personal Information

4.1  Hounds HQ will take reasonable steps to ensure that any of your personal information that is collected, stored, used or disclosed by us is accurate, complete and up-to-date. To do so, Hounds HQ shall do the following:

 4.1.1  Hounds HQ will review its collection and storage practices on a regular and ongoing basis to determine how improvements to accuracy can be achieved.
 4.1.2  Hounds HQ requires its employees and contractors to perform their duties in a manner that is congruent with our legal responsibilities in relation to privacy. 
 4.1.3  Hounds HQ will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all paper and electronic records that contain personal information will be stored in a facility that will not allow unauthorised access.
 4.1.4  Hounds HQ will review its information security practices on a regular and ongoing basis to determine how improvements to security can be achieved.

  1. Access of Personal Information

5.1  Hounds HQ shall take reasonable steps to limit access to personal information by doing the following:

 5.1.1  Hounds HQ will allow access to personal information records by the relevant individual, should such requested  access be in accordance with the Privacy Act.
 5.1.2  Hounds HQ will correct its personal information at the request of the individual concerned as soon as  practicable, and in accordance with the Privacy Act. Should an individual wish to correct their personal information, they  should contact  Hounds HQ directly.
 5.1.3  Hounds HQ may charge a fee for process of an access request if such a request is complex or resource  intensive.

  1. Cookies and other technologies

6.1 As is standard practice on many corporate websites,  Hounds HQ utilises cookies and other technologies to assist us in determining what components of our website are most popular, and to ensure that our online advertising is bringing customers to our products and services. Cookies may also be utilised to study traffic patterns and most importantly, to ensure that your experience in interacting with us is convenient.
6.2  Hounds HQ advises that it does not typically utilise this information collected for any purpose beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Are Your Personal Account Details Safe When Being Transmitted?

7.1  Hounds HQ endeavours to protect your personal information during its transmission. Customer account information provided through this site is held in a secure server environment behind  Hounds HQ firewalls.
7.2 All credit card details and personal information is transmitted using a 128 Bit Secure Server Software (SSL), the latest industry standard encryption, to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your credit card information under our control. In the same way department stores use EFTPOS terminals to process credit card transactions, Hounds HQ uses PayPal and Stripe secure payments system to process credit card payments.

7.3 Hounds HQ advises that all secure pages are clearly identified by the locked padlock and the domain name www.houndshq.com.au

  1. Are Your Personal Account Details Stored Safely?

8.1 Hounds HQ shall take reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal information held by it from such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data. Hounds HQ only permits your details to be accessed by authorised personnel.

  1. Openness

9.1 Should you have an inquiry or complaint regarding privacy or our privacy policy, we request there be referred to our Customer Service representatives. Representatives can be contacted using the contact details noted on the site.
9.2 Hounds HQ will have its Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions prominently posted on its website.

  1. Amendments to this Privacy Policy

10.1 This Privacy Statement may change from time to time. These changes shall be highlighted in this area at the time of amendment.


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